Who is Jackie!

Olubukola Oludimu is the founder of two faith-based based initiatives – The Happy Ever After Hub platform for her Advocacy for married people living happy ever after, changing the atmosphere Filled with divorce and domestic violence and, The Smart Singles Hub, for her advocacy on Intentional Dating and making right marriage decisions.

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Professional Info

One of the major life lesson I learnt and got convicted to teach every single I come across whether at a conference or a one to one coaching, is that is that you do not have to date A, B , C, D before realising that H is the one. Dating around or having a history of many exes is never a thing of pride, I can help you avoid that like I have helped many.

Having suffered a couple of heart breaks which by the way were divine, including a broken engagement months ahead of the wedding, I believe that there are steps to a purposeful marriage that many do not take hence the painful heartbreaks, disappointments and delays that can be avoided. I know those steps and I can teach you.

I councel

Do you need advice to have more happier days in your marriage and learn how to cope with the "dark day"? I would be happy to listen to you!

I speak

I enjoy helping people and I am comfortable be it 20 or 2000. Want me to come speak to some couples or singles? I would be on the next bus there.

The vision

determined to see marriages succeed’

I constantly hear, “Marriage is a good thing and I made it for the good of man; it breaks my heart to see that men, women lose their lives physically, some spiritually or emotionally because they got married. The four major instructions I received are reduce divorce rates, reduce domestic violence, save future marriages and build happy homes. Thinking about it now, it’s pretty funny I’m in this “advocacy shoes.”

My Movement

After meeting God’s will for me and marrying Him within 11 months of dating, I realised marrying God’s will was not enough. It is never enough to be married to God’s will, preparing for a marriage that will last forever is crucial and more important than the wedding ceremony. Are you not just prepared for the wedding, a one-day event and unequipped for forever? Can you tell? I can! Are you sure that you have laid a good foundation with your relationship to build a good marriage on? I want to empower you for a life-long marriage! You need to start your marriage smart and I am just the person you need to achieve that.

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