The Saying I DO conference for Singles and Married is the first ever out-of the-church walls conference for equipping singles and married for a blissful marriage.

The Happy Ever Afer Hub is a faith-based initiative focused on building happy ever after stories from singlehood to marriage as originally planned by God. The Happy Ever After hub is the parent hub for the Smart Singles Hub – an outreach that is interested in being the eye-opener for the younger generation on Intentional Dating and Blissful Marriage.

The high rates of domestic violence, separation, divorce and the economy of Nigeria are the problems that we aim to reduce in our society as much as God allows.

The ‘Saying I Do Conference’, a teaching meeting is the major the tool with which the Happy Ever After Hub uses to reduce divorce rates, domestic violence, thus filling a  vacuum, by preventing failed marriages rather than cure them.

We aim to influence singles and married make right marriage decisions and live happily ever after as God ordained, creating a platform where men and women can learn how to ensure their marriage does not fall apart or become a victim of domestic violence, separation, divorce, polygamy and more.

Our job to inform, enlighten, expose as many as we can reach to the truth that marriage is not a game or social status to be attained but a reality that entails real work and real love! How they approach and build it determines everything.

Rather than wait for the crack in the wall of their homes and love, we want to prepare them ahead. The expected result is that we will have less domestic violence, divorce or separation rates in our country, fewer kids will be traumatized and victims of unpleasant marital circumstances. trusting God that this conference and the learning curves of the many ‘experience-wealthy‎’ speakers and role models will equip them all the way”

The Saying I Do Conference – A tool placed in our hands @happyeverafterhub to

Build Happy Homes,

Reduce Divorce Rate,

Reduce Domestic Violence

Save Future Marriages

An explosive teaching conference created to enlighten the eyes of our heart regarding all things marriage as the Lord allows us, quickening our feet to do right by God with our relationships and marriages and delivering us from pre-marital /marital issues.

From “Saying I Do” 1.0 to 2.0, from 200+ over 500 participants, we have clearly laid the foundation that marriage is a very serious matter WITH God. He created the idea and we must represent Him properly if we desire to have a great marriage.

This year at Saying I Do (SID 3.0), we believe God is interested in opening our eyes to more. A deeper understanding of what’s going on with you, with your home, your relationship. I hear clearly the Lord saying He wants to unleash many marriages into their new seasons, and many singles into their new seasons. Many need to be released from the season they have long stayed in because It’s Time!!!

This year, God wants to speak to the seasons of your life, your relationship, and your marriage.

HE wants to reveal to you the reason you are in that season and what must happen before you move to the next.

Like never before, there is a prophetic work to be done this year and moving forward. A Shift is set to happen in your marriage and in your home. A Shift is about to happen in your life. You are about to change position and titles. Your life, your marriage is about to be carried on the wings of the Spirit.

I want to encourage you to make it a date to register for SID 2018 – it’s definitely your divine season.