God's prepared singles hub

A mentoring group for singles in God’s waiting room, trusting and preparing for God’s perfect will for them, their marriage on purpose and nothing less!

WHO ??

The GPS hub is for serious minded people
who are ready to be taught
and prepared of the Lord
to fulfill Gods perfect will for their lives


Choose all or one of our course.

god's prepared singles hub.

Season One.

 (10 weeks)

The making of a God’s Prepared Single

Season Two.

 (10 weeks)

The God’s Prepared Single’s Lover & Leader

Season Three.

(10 weeks)

 The Path of  a God’s Prepared Single

Season Four.

(10 weeks)

 The Purpose of a God’s Prepared Single

Season Five

 (10 weeks)

The Equipped Single for a marriage on purpose

All Seasons

 (50 weeks)

You would get the whole package, from season one to season 5

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