God's Prepared Singles Hub (GPS)

A mentoring hub for singles like you who want a Marriage on Purpose, who are trusting God for His perfect will for them and want to prepare for a kingdom union that heaven applauds.

 GPS Hub Pathways

Group Mentoring

On this pathway, you will be in a group with many others. 

The group mentoring runs for 5 seasons. Each season consists of 10 weeks.

This pathway runs for 50+ weeks in total.

To graduate, you are expected to have completed seasons 1-5.

Cost: N5000 per season

          N23000 for the 5 seasons


Fast Track Mentoring

On this pathway, you get an assigned mentor.

This pathway runs for 20weeks.

Cost: N45000


WHO ??

The GPS hub is for serious minded people
who are ready to be taught
and prepared of the Lord
to fulfill Gods perfect will for their lives.

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