Saying “I Do” Conference 2021 Replay

  • Duration 9h
  • Last Update May 20, 2021


Are you married and happy?
Are you married and struggling?
Are you married and tired?
Are you about to be married?
Are you single and looking forward?

The Host of heaven says we must get in position and straightened up to be marriages/families that add value to the Kingdom of God!

This year the Lord is bringing us an urgent call and word to fall in quick and fast!

He says to the comfortable, the happy and chopping life, there is more and I need you to #Align

He says to the struggling couple, your bliss is in your #Alignment

He says to the engaged couples, get aligned before you say I do so you can start strong and in plan!

To the single, come hear and step into what the Lord is calling you into as marriage!

The 6th Annual #SayingIDoConference is here and the word is ALIGN! With speakers hand picked by God Himself to teach us like we have never been, to straighten us up and get us running, don’t miss this! The vision the Lord showed us is scary but not scary, He only showed us what is to come and He needs us (couples) not to miss out!

Tell your spouse, your family, neighbours, friend and colleagues, A BUS IS LOADING for A NEW BREED OF COUPLES! They must get on it!

Catch the replay of this power packed conference here.

6 months access to conference replay

What Will I Learn?

  • Realignment to the will of the father for your union
  • Mindset Shifts
  • Divine Encounters

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Saying I Do Conference 2021

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Marriage Mindset Webinar

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  • For married and singles