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  • Last Update January 4, 2021


Are you a busy single who cannot commit to 3  – 5 hours every week for 50 weeks?

Are you getting married in 6 months or less and need a course to know if you’re on the right track?

Would you be committed to taking a 50-week course in 20 weeks?

Then this is for you.

•50 weeks compressed into 20 weeks.
•50 mentoring videos.
•Access to a personal mentor every week.
•One-on-one with lead mentor at the end of 20 weeks.
•20% off Before You Say I Do pre-marriage coaching with Jackie.

Please note: It’s not a group coaching but personalized.

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Topics for this course

20 Lessons

Module 1 : The Prize


Module 2: Four Types of Singles

Module 3: Who Owns You

Module 4: Wise Or Foolish Single

Module 5: Maximising Your Season

Module 6: Motives

Module 7: Getting into the Holy Spirit

Module 8: Your Secret to God’s Presence and Power in Your Life and Relationships

Module 9: You are a Seed

Module 10: A Living Sacrifice

Bonus Module

Module 11 : Don’t Miss The Banquet

Module 12 : Hearing from God I

Module 13: Hearing from God II

Module 14 : Hearing from God III

Module 15 : Hearing From God IV

Module 16 : Hearing From God V

About the instructor

Jacqueline Oludimu, a certified christian life coach. She serves as Marriage & Relationship coach, is the founder of two faith-based initiatives; The Happy Ever After Hub & God’s Prepared Singles Hub; Both of which stemmed up from a burning desire to help singles and couples experience the exponential possibilities of a marriage by God. She is an international speaker as well as the author of ‘Move on- How to get over your Ex, Marriage on Purpose and most recently, Grace Junkie’. Her latest book, Grace Junkie is an autobiography and inspirational book where she shares her personal experience of God’s redemptive love despite an ugly past. She is joyfully married to Tolu Oludimu and together they are raising God’s Generals.
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