Get Positioned Programme

  • Duration 17h
  • Last Update April 12, 2021


Are you ready to get positioned on the right path as you prepare yourself for marriage? Then this course is for you.

In this course you will get to know who you truly are.  You will get to discover for yourself if you have been walking in God’s plan for your life or not because you can be all that God has called you to be as a spirit-filled single walking in God’s purpose for your life.

It is time to be that positioned single who is on their way to a marriage on purpose.

What Will I Learn?

  • You will know who you are.
  • You will know whose you are.
  • You will understand the meaning of purpose.
  • You will learn how to maximise your gifts, abilities and personalities.
  • You will learn the purpose of singleness.

Topics for this course

30 Lessons17h

Module 1: The Prize

Module 100:30:04

Module 2: Four Types of Singles

Module 3: Who owns You?

Module 4: Wise or Foolish Single?

Module 5: Maximising your Season

Module 6: Motives

Module 7: Getting into the Holy Spirit

Module 8: Your Secret to God’s Presence and Power in your Life and Relationships

Module 9: You are a Seed

Module 10: A Living Sacrifice

Module 11: Guest Interview Podcast 1

Module 12: Purpose Uncovered

Module 13: The Relationship Between Shape and Purpose

Module 14: The Gift of Singleness

Module 15: The Purpose of your Sexuality

Module 16: Waiting

Module 17: Purpose Chooses

Module 18: Purposeful Dating (1)

Module 19: Purposeful Dating (2)- Marriage Material

Module 20: Dating Like Jesus, Red flags and more

Module 21: Purposeful Singlehood= Purposeful Marriage

Module 22: Guest Mentor Interview 2


About the instructor

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Material Includes

  • Mentoring videos
  • Worksheets
  • Confessions


  • Commit time to study and implement.
  • You will need an internet-connected device to view the course.
  • Commit time to complete worksheets, view additional resources and journal.

Target Audience

  • Majorly for singles. However, anyone who is ready to get positioned on God's path for their lives can participate.