Better Marriage Course

About Course

Learn how to enjoy your marriage and seek a pathway to a marriage on purpose.


Are you sick and tired of how your marriage switches from bad to good and good to bad?
Are you tired of living in your home like colleagues?
You know your marriage can be a lot better than it is!
You are sure this cannot be the experience God planned for you
You want more joy and friendship, a better marriage experience than what you have.

This is not the decade of carrying your marriage as a burden in your heart.
It is not the decade for off and on emotions, for lukewarm kind of marriages. Definitely not!
It is the decade to enjoy your marriage and fulfill God’s purpose for bringing you two together.

This is why you need the Better Marriage Course
A 6 module improvement course to change your marriage experiences from bad to better or from good to better.
It is time for an enjoyable and fulfilling marriage to start your journey to a marriage on purpose.
Coming from someone who has had to ensure that she experiences better in her marriage and not relenting in seeing that happening day by day along with my husband, we enjoy a mutual fun, joyous and peaceful marriage experience.

This course is not for you if

You are in a worse marriage scenario with any form of abuse involved
You have both decided to part ways
You are already separated, I recommend my Marriage restoration Course for you and your spouse.

What Will I Learn?

  • 01. Understand why your marriage is important in the scheme of things
  • 02. Learn the 5 golden laws of marriage and begin to fulfill them immediately and watch how your better marriage will unfold
  • 03. Realize why settling for just being ok or being in a lukewarm marriage is you settling for less and cheating yourself, those with happy homes don’t have two heads.
  • 04. Know why you must treat your marriage seriously
  • 05. Set your better marriage goals and begin to work them out
  • 06. Be armed with how to do better in 10 core areas of your marriage with immediate results if you run with them
  • 07. Set your better marriage goals and begin to work them out.
  • 08. Be armed with how to do better in 10 core areas of your marriage with immediate results if you run with them.

Topics for this course

16 Lessons10h

Module 1 : The Concept of Better Marriage Explained


Module 2 : Let’s Rate your Marriage

Module 3: The 5 Laws of Marriage

Module 4: On Your Marks

Module 5 : The Enabling Factor

Module 6 : Embracing You

Bonus Video 1 : Marriage On Purpose Prayer Summit

Bonus Video 2 : Some YouTube Videos From Jackietalks

Bonus Materials

About the instructor

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Material Includes

  • 10 hours on-demand video
  • 1 Month Access
  • Worksheets
  • Bonus videos
  • Marriage on Purpose Induction
  • Prayer Confessions for Couples


  • Be ready to learn and be open-minded.
  • You will need an internet-connected device to view the course.
  • Above 18
  • Commit time to study and implement
  • Download worksheets
  • Do it with your partner, if possible
  • In addition, you are strongly encouraged to join the Marriage On Purpose Hub on Facebook for it's 52 weeks Prayer Challenge starting from Jan 2021. Link to Join:

Target Audience

  • Majorly for Marrieds. However engaged and interested singles have found it eye-opening and equipping.