What you are is God gift to you

I grew up reading the words above daily as my parents had a wall decoration with the quote and I always recited it as my favourite quote. It is still my fav but with a better understanding. Life indeed is God’s gift to us and much more is the person He created you to be. […]

Not An Emotional Matter At all

This morning I read about a young lady who stabbed her husband to death yesterday and my heart skipped again and again. Marriage is and will always be the biggest decision that anyone will ever make of course after salvation. Who you marry, can either make or mar you. With respect to the couple and […]


“You don’t know what it feels like to still be single…easy for you to say” A thirty something year old lady accused me yesterday as we were catching up over cocktails. ” It was so much fun to be single when all your mates were single and getting married. But attending my friends’ baby naming […]

2 Great Lessons from Mike Ross & Rachel Zane

The national series, Suits, provides two great lessons from Mike Ross and Rachel Zane, two main characters in the drama series. And if you haven’t heard of Suits, you should watch it. My hubby got me addicted and I love it. It’s highly tactical and leaves you cracking your head about stuff. It is not […]