I am a Marriage & Relationship Coach.
Pre-marriage counsellor.

I help couples remain friends and lovers so they can partner to bring heaven on earth with their marriage!

Discover how to enjoy your season as a single, take advantage of the blank sheet and write a beautiful story. This workbook introduces you to the kind of marriage God wants you to have. Click the link below to dive in.

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— About Me

Hello, nice to meet you!

I help you get intentional, walk in faith and take the actions to move you from where you are to where you want to be - a fulfilling and purposeful relationship!

I am Jacqueline Olubukola Oludimu, the founder of two faith-based based initiatives – The Happy Ever After Hub. An Advocacy platform for married people living happy ever after, changing the atmosphere Filled with divorce and domestic violence. God’s Prepared singles hub, a mentoring platform for intentional singles aiming for a blissful marriage on purpose!

I have a burning desire to help singles and couples get into the fullness of marriage as God intended, to experience the exponential possibilities of a marriage by God, in God and For God. For couples to truly be God’s representatives on earth, experiencing heaven on earth in their marriage and bringing same to the world they live in! Its what God planned and it is possible for anyone!

One of the major life lesson I learnt and got convicted to teach every single I come across whether at a conference or a one to one coaching, is that is that you do not have to date A, B , C, D before realising that H is the one. Dating around or having a history of many exes is never a thing of pride, I can help you avoid that like I have helped many.

Having suffered a couple of heart breaks which by the way were divine, including a broken engagement months ahead of the wedding, I believe that there are steps to a purposeful marriage that many do not take hence the painful heartbreaks, disappointments and delays that can be avoided. I know those steps and I can teach you. Are you ready to give it what it takes?

Jacqueline Oludimu

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